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Kestrel HUD Heads Up Display for 5 Series Ballistics Meters Overview

The brand new Kestrel HUD wirelessly connects to your Kestrel Ballistics Meter so you can easily see shooting solutions for up to 10 targets on a clear, convenient, gun mounted display, providing the fastest, most accessible targeting solution data available. Spotters can feed shooters updated target data on the fly and stage data is ready on the HUD as soon as it's entered into the Kestrel. No more markers and masking tape! Let the Kestrel HUD do the job of managing your target data so you can focus on shooting and hitting more targets.

Available Features

Single Target Screen - Displays accurate firing solution along with target and environmental details

Custom Target Card Screen - View up to 10 targets without ever coming out of the scope*

Large Font Option - Experience better visibility with this enlarged, clear, easy-to-read screen

Stage Timer - Knowing your progress through a stage lets you make better decisions and hit more targets

Remote Switch – Switch between targets and send target data to your Kestrel without changing your shooting position

Live Updates - Target screens display live updates from Kestrel readings for the most relevant, valuable ballistic data

DOPE Card Screen - Eliminates the need for sleeves, providing convenient eye-level access to targeting data

*5700 Elite unit only

Ballistics Meters
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