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Our Range Mat has been a core essential for shooters worldwide for many years and for 2019 it’s been upgraded and redesigned too.

It’s still extra large – a generous 180 x 90 cms to be exact – so you can sprawl out without finding your knee or elbow in the mud. And yet, this huge mat gathers up so easily when you want to move location, folding concertina-style into thirds when you lift it by the webbing handles.

And now the Range Mat has a 100% waterproof RIPSTOP underside to protect you from rising ground moisture. This new heavy duty material will not rip or tear. The mat is slightly padded for your comfort – though, we hasten to add, not too much. You can still use a back rest (sandbag) on the mat – your gun will be perfectly stable. You can tie down this mat at the corners via its webbing loops – so you won’t be fighting the curling edges of your shooting mat in the wind any longer!

It has clear score card pockets on the top panel and these hinge up/velcro close so you can enter your score with one hand! AIM has even put two of these pockets on the mat to make it convenient for left- or right-handed shooters!

The AIM Range Mat comes complete with its own shoulder bag and this, too, has been upgraded to a stronger 420 denier polyurethane coated fabric.  It’s lightweight and water resistant.   It’s also very handy for storing your massive mat when it’s not in use, reducing it down to a manageable 60 x 50 x 8 cms. And if your mat gets muddy on a shooting course, you can also pop it into the shoulder bag and protect your jacket. This is ideal for any serious target or rough shooter!

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